Why use Promotional Products??

Posted: October 24, 2014 in Promotion

A successful manufacturer once said that he sold 1 million quarter-inch drill bits to people who didn’t want drill bits at all. What they wanted were quarter-inch holes.

Advertisers spend $15.6 billion annually on promotional products (source: The Counselor, 2003 State of the Industry report). Compare that to the $6 billion spent on Internet advertising (source: TNS Media Intelligence/CMR). Businesses spend these billions of dollars on promotional products every year, but they are not looking for promotional products at all. What they want are results.

Those promotional products were the drill bits that gave them the increased revenue, store traffic, booth traffic, motivated employees, raised funds, sales leads, better shelf space, better customer relations, etc., – that’s what they were looking for. Promotional products make up an industry you probably didn’t know existed, yet have been surrounded with most, if not, all of your life. Look over your desk – see anything with a logo on it anywhere? Check out those pens. Your calendar? Your coffee cup?

Chances are you’ll find more than one item you’ve been given with a logo or slogan on it. At home you will likely have more than one T-shirt, key-tag or refrigerator magnet reminding you of someone’s business. All of these things are promotional products. Specialty advertising is the only form of marketing known to create a feeling of gratitude. It allows you to imprint a useful item of merchandise with a promotional, motivational or advertising message and then give the item to your customers, prospects or other specified market free of charge.

Because promotional products are tangible, appreciated and useful items, recipients keep and use them long after the campaign is over. This means repeat exposure of your message for no extra cost.

 Ten Ways to Use Promotional Products

  1.  Client Acknowledgement  – Use promotional items to remind your customer that your relationship you share with them is important.
  2.  Employee Recognition – Express appreciation for your employees by using promotional items and awards as an incentive for those within the organization to reach higher levels of achievement.
  3.  Competitive Advantage – Promotional products give you a high impact marketing tool that creates interest and excitement for your company. Also, VERY cost effective.
  4.  New Product Announcements – You can capture your audience’s attention and innovatively announce your new offering using promotional products.
  5.  Special Events  – Your event becomes even more special when you give guests a promotional gift. It reminds them of both you and your event.
  6.  Trade Show Support  – A unique and useful product will be remembered long after the show.
  7.  Product Development – Use a promotional product when you are dealing with a corporate sponsor for immediate recognition and brand awareness.
  8.  New Market Focus – Let a clever product help you leave an everlasting impression and create interest.
  9.  Image Development – Promotional items can be used to emphasize themes of value, service, commitment, quality, and performance.
  10.  Increase Visibility – Your company name on an everyday product creates visibility and serves to remind clients of your product/service. Promotional products also allow clients to equate your business with practicality and easy accessibility.


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