Are You Buying What We’re Selling?

Posted: July 17, 2015 in BrandGEAR, Promotion

You must remember this: You’re really not buying a promotional product. You’re buying the benefits that promotional products can deliver. You’re buying the thrill of sharing your company’s brand, image and stories with your audiences. You’re buying a gift that shares your values and promises with people you want to have a deeper and stronger relationship with.

Let’s face it, promotional products are a commodity. If we cannot attach meaning and emotion to what we have to offer, we cannot fault our clients for buying at the cheapest price possible. We get excited about the ability you have to change behaviors, to generate loyalty, to get people excited (remember the video of Sir Paul McCartney, jumping up and down and waving his arms for an imprinted tee shirt?).

Get to know our medium. It’s much more than stuff. It’s the only advertising media for which people will say “thank you.” It’s the original medium of engagement. It signals the beginning of a relationship. We don’t sell stuff. We sell the stories that our customers can tell with a well-chosen item branded with their messages.

Why do they need you, your product, or your services? Tell your customers your story about how you can make them a hero. Break through the status quo and do it better than anyone else. You have an amazing story to tell and all the right props and supporting elements anyone could want. Get excited. Get enthusiastic.  When you do, you will see the power of promotional marketing.


Creative Marketing Services is a next-generation promotional marketing firm based in Southwest Florida. We design creative, targeted, and cost effective promotional marketing solutions to help our clients build their brand, acquire & retain customers, increase sales & profits and recruit & motivate employees. To  discover how you can make your marketing more effective, visit

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